I want As Many Kids As I Can Have With Nick Jonas, Maybe A 'Cricket Team': Says Priyanka Chopra In An Interview

NewsDesk    12-Jan-2021
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Bollywood and glamorous actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas in an interview to the Sunday Times revealed that she is planning to have as many children as she can have with her husband Nick Jonas. She said it might be as big as a cricket team.
Priyanka Chopra stated this in an interview where questions were asked to her on the prospects of her future planning.
Priyanka Chopra had married Nick Jonas in December 2018 in India. She while talking on the issues of cultural and age difference between her and her husband, she said that the couple have learnt to adjust to the choices of each other.
It must be noted here that Priynaka Chopra Jonas is a brand ambassador of several social issues in India appointed by several governments but it seems, she has unknowingly or knowingly sidelined the issue of exploding population by giving such statements.