World Earth Day 2021: Message From Mother Earth To All Mankind

NewsDesk    22-Apr-2021
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Today the whole world is supposed to celebrate earth day, a day which was started 50 years ago to make humans realise their role in protecting the natural ecosystem of earth.
But ask yourself an honest question, whether we have been able to protect our mother earth? To get an answer to this question, just look around and I’m sure you will get the correct answer.
Today,as we celebrate earth day, our earth is facing a crisis of coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people are losing their precious lives to this deadly virus. Oxygen today has become the most precious thing which many of us took for granted without realising the value of oxygen.
In many parts, people are forced to buy oxygen. Air purifiers have become a part of our lives because we humans in the name of advancement did everything which polluted our air, rivers as well as soil.
Coronavirus pandemic is a form of protest and meesage by our nature and mother earth against we humans who over the years played with nature for our greed. On this earth day, It's time to stop now for a moment before it gets too late.