Propagandist Left Media 'The Wire' Withdraws Fake News On Minister Rajnath Singh

NewsDesk    27-Apr-2021
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As India battles Covid-19, the Left-propagandist news portal 'The Wire' in a report claimed that Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said the Ramcharitmanas would help combat Covid-19.  
However, as usual after getting caught red handed for spreading false news, the Left-propagandist news portal 'The Wire' was forced to withdraw its story for maliciously attributing a fake quote to Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.
The outrageous claims first featured in an article published in the Hindi newspaper ‘Prabhat Khabar’. Similar claims were also made by the Congress mouthpiece ‘National Herald’. This is not the first time when 'The Wire' choose to publish false news, there are several such instances when this portal had published fabricated news.