Opinion: Is Assam Under The Grip Of Christian Missionary Mafia?

NewsDesk    29-Apr-2021
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 By Partha Pratim Mazumder
Christianity is a third largest religion in Assam , a state of India in the northeastern region. The population of Christians in Assam is 1,165,867 making up 3.74% of state population as of the 2011 census report, and it is also the second-fastest growing religion in Assam after Islam. The largest concentration of Christians in Assam can be found in Dima Hasao District where Christian population is about 30% and Karbi Anglong district where Christian population is about 16.5% as of the 2011 census report.Two Portuguese Jesuit missionaries, Cabral and Cacella — the first Christian Missionaries to set foot in Assam — reached Hajo and Guwahati on September 26, 1626. Mainly Christian missionary use two methods .  
The first method is to project their religion as the saviour of poor and helpless in order to convince them for conversion and secondly they provide financial help to the needy. They use social service as a cover to hide their fraudulent immoral converting practices. It’s not a sudden thing that Christian missionaries go to an area and start providing service and help. This is a very well planned practice. a region is selected where most of the people are backward and poor, where majority belongs to SCs and STs, as it is easy for them to incite these people against their own religion.
Then these “Jesus Salesmen” start to sell their religion. Providing financial assistance is not a bad thing at all but when it is done to convert people, it becomes wrong. It becomes a false allurement given to them to get them converted. This is immoral. It was during when Christianity was being prostrated among the tribal community. But nowadays in 2021, Upper Assam ( Ujani Assam ) is in the grip of Christian conversion. Planned some of them are engaged in the propagation of Christianity among the simple sanatani Assamese community of Ujani Assam. Shrimant Sankardev's songs, musical instruments and lyrics of Assamese culture have made every possible effort to retain the feeling of Assameseness in their own prayer houses.
The priest cum youtuber Ranjan Sutiya is broadcasting the convince indigenous assamese people that if they believe in Christianity , they can be saved from various pain. Namghar is a focal point in Assamese society, the Namghar is the soul of the Assamese community, which can create unity and continuity among the Assamese community. for assamese community ,Srimanta sankardev is a emotional and spiritual attachment .so he hijack every tools of Neo-Vaishnava. Ranjan Sutia had earlier planned to call their prayer houses as namghars to entering in the heart of assam community. These things prove how some people have started promoting Christianity with the Alam of Vaishnavism to promote Christianity in Ujjain Assam. Other hand various organization in Assam noticed with concern that some indigenous people have been getting converted to Christianity.
This is happening among the Mising community in Majuli — one of the epicenters of neoVaishnavite culture — as well as among the Rabha people in several villages along the Assam-Meghalaya boundary. A poor, illiterate Hindu villager falls ill and looks for help at a Christian missionary-run medical facility. He’s offered a spurious, ineffective white substance and asked to take the “medicine" in the name of Jagannath. It doesn’t work. After days of suffering, the missionary gives the villager an authentic allopathic pill and asks him to take it in the name of Jesus. When it cures him,the impressed and grateful villager is asked to embrace Christianity. In 2009 ,The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) is a legal rights organisation also highlight the issue through their facebook post . They also Request for action against Ranjan Chutia (World Healing Prayer Centre- Domordolong Moranhat) for faking Vaishnavsite Namghar to convert people to Christianity and for Illegally occupying Government Grazing Land near Domordolong Moranhat. But that time, the Congress ruled Assam government did not take any action against the priest.
It is very clear that if Hindus want to stop the gains continually made by the Christians in the battle for the souls, there is no alternative to the laborious task of: (1) informing the world about the more complex and less extreme reality of the Varna system in history and in the present. (2) actually reforming society to the point where caste oppression is only a memory, and ensuring that the world knows about this. (3) refocusing the Hindu-Christian struggle to its proper doctrinal level, where the defining Christian teachings can be exposed as the unhistorical claims and irrational beliefs that they really are. Plus, of course, reaching out to the converts who are willing or eager to return to the Hindu fold. These are big and demanding jobs, but they carry a better promise of success than locking yourself in a smug self-assurance of how evil Christians are.