In Dhubri , two sisters recovered from ditch!

NewsDesk    10-May-2021
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The bodies of two teenaged sisters who were to go for a walk were found half naked. The incident took place at Shalkosa in Chapar in Dhubri district. However, no information regarding the incident is yet to be ascertained. But the local people have termed it as a rape case by looking at the body. The half naked bodies of two sisters recovered just a hundred metres from Shalkosa police station in Chaper under Dhubri district . The bodies of the two sisters were recovered in a ditch near the railway line in Kumli village of Shalkosa. Yet, on this issue, no statement has been issued by the local MP and MLA from Dhubri district. It is indeed pathetic.
Urban Dhubri is 57% Hindu, while rural Dhubri is 15% Hindu. With the rural areas overrun by illegals, the big cities are becoming islands in a sea of illegals and are becoming cut off from each other. Already, Gauripur and Dhubri towns are cut off from the rest of India by the huge numbers of illegals, who dominate the countryside.